Benefits of Community Programs

  • Provides an activity for an age and fitness group that may not be interested in more standard offerings such as tennis, soccer, dance or other more strenuous fitness programs
  • Facilitates an inexpensive fitness offering for the community (important in times of budgetary restrictions)
  • Requires little to no funding resources as no equipment is needed and staffing and materials are provided by Titan Walk personnel
  • Serves as a great lead in to participation in the organization’s other programs
  • Acts as a great public relations tool in introducing the benefits of fitness to the organization’s community with the potential of increased funding
  • Gives the organization a simple to implement, and potentially lucrative fund-raising vehicle to benefit the organization in conjunction with other charities (Example: ┬áBreast Cancer Awareness or the local United Way)
  • Increases overall awareness of the organization through a program that has the potential for a wider base of participation

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